I think workshops are a great way to spent time, make a difference to your home town or city and get to know other people and new painting techniques. In my workshops I always aim for a professional outcome and teach new ways to make paintings, even if you have no former experience. I’ve worked from children to refugees to old people, and I think when it comes to painting, age is just a number. The most important thing is to be open minded and enjoy the moment. If you’re interested in workshops, please contact me directly:

Colorful world at White nights Tel Aviv, Israel 2016
I represented Finland in Street Art Europe 2016. We painted over 300 environmental themed laser cut characters together with the local people in two different workshops. First was held in the community center of Bat Zion and the second one in Street Art Europe White Nights event. There were five different themes, including plastic waste, over population, deforestation, endangered animals and plants, toxic waste. People could take the characters with them to home to remember these important topics, and cherish our beautiful colorful world. I designed the characters and held the workshops together with local art student assistants. More info in Finnish Embassy page:

Urban Project, Espoo 2015
Workshop for refugees and local people. Idea was to bring colors and happiness to the darkest time of the year, December. This time we used only water based acrylics, since the workshop was indoors. We used both freehand and stencil techniques.

Fantasy Forest, Mikkeli 2015
I held workshops for almost 80 people in the center of Mikkeli during summer 2015. Theme was invented together with the local people. We created together a Fantasy forest, that is now hanging in the old trees close to the library of Mikkeli. In this workshop we used laser cut plywood characters and painted with spray paints and stencil techniques to them. More pictures here: